How to cook salmon

How to cook salmon. Salmon is special delicacy that hard to ignore in our culinary journeys. They are tasty, contain essential nutrients and cook quickly because they are soft. It’s so easy to come by salmon.

Salmon comes in many different forms. There are chunks, flakes or even filets. The choice of size and texture depends on the method you are applying to cook them. Chunks are thick and require more heat and time to cook. So boiling becomes a preferred method. Flakes can also be boiled but only for a short time. Its best steamed as just a little heat is enough to get them ready. Filets are very light and are often baked for short periods.

In learning how to cook salmon, you may want to know that there are so many different methods of cooking. Grilling, boiling, smoking, baking, frying, sautéing, Salmon fillets are light and can therefore not stand much heat. They are best cooked grilled.

Each of these comes with their own taste and purpose. In learning how to cook salmon, the first thing we should master is what we can to do with the fish. For example if its about serving with some raw vegetables then it may be best grilled.