Christmas Cookies

I like easy Christmas cookies especially the recipes that call for lesser ingredients. An easy Christmas cookie recipe is quick to cook and will need few ingredients. My favorite is Traditional Christmas Steamed Plum Pudding with Hard Sauce which can be cooked with minimal amount of time.This simple yet tasty cookie has ground cinnamon – I like meals with that spice.

Another set of Christmas cookies that make a great choice is the Yoghurt bar. My friends tell me they make it because of the cinnamon flavor and the tint of orange juice that adds a fruity taste. This cookie is crusty with various options for topping and can be extra flavored with honey.

Whole wheat versions also exist for people who like more natural pastries. It has a rocky look but considered more healthy to the other types of cookies.

Really there are some recipes that are considered as traditional Christmas cookies. For example the gingerbread which is quite spicy is baked and shared with family members during the festive season. Sugar cookies are also quite common with indigenous flavors.

Christmas cookies make the holiday more exciting. Baking them at home adds extra fun.