Food recipes – The grilled eggplant dip


One food recipe thats easily forgotten is the eggplant, aubergine or garden eggs.  In our review today, we take a look at pretty sumptuous meals we can make out of this vegetable.  Eggplants could be grilled and made so delicious with traditional seasoning.  They can be flavored up with lemon, natural spices and tahini.  In some cases, pieces of chicken bring a totally new delicacy to the eggplant recipe.  Combining eggplant with chicken results in a fabulous meal.  I was just looking around the other time and finding this unique vegetable preparation that goes out of tradition to include pine nuts, rosemary and ricotta cheese. It bears close resemblance to Mexican style with green chilies.  Flavored with basil leaves and spiced up with black pepper.

Perhaps food recipes should never forget the magic taste of the eggplant.