We may call cake recipes an all season delicacy. No matter what time of year, they are welcome pieces of food that makes everyone happy. Cheesecake and cupcakes seem to be the most popular of all cakes but there are hundreds of other varieties. And each one of these types is just as easy to prepare as any.
As a beginner cook, the best way to begin your cake recipes is to try the ones with minimal ingredients and ones that make heavy use of dry ingredients. Wet food pouts are quick tricky to handle. As you gain mastery of the easier ones, then you can progress to more intricate ones.

I began my cake journey with chocolate chips. They are quite simple and let realized that I could do carrot cake and raspberry flavors. Later one, I could do red velvet like a pro.

If you make cake recipes and the texture comes off as too fluffy or sticky, just try adjusting the ingredients. It could be the amount of eggs, baking powder, condiments or some other item. In making moist cakes like pineapple cakes, watch the heat. The slightest delay will change the taste.