Buying quality cookware

May 21, 2016 Recipe review 0

Quality cookware is an art by itself. Each piece of utensil is gracefully colored to blend with the decor of your kitchen so they do not look just out of place. There is a perfect


How to make an omelette

May 14, 2016 Recipe review 0

How to make an omelette. Egg recipes cook quick and go with any other meal.  One common egg recipe is the omelette which is found in every culture. Various regional cuisines will try different options


How to cook buttermilk

May 14, 2016 Recipe review 0

How to cook buttermilk. Milk recipes never seem to run out of options. It is used in many dishes and brings food to a different sweet level. But its so easy to make. Simpler than


How to cook salmon

May 1, 2016 Recipe review 0

How to cook salmon. Salmon is special delicacy that hard to ignore in our culinary journeys. They are tasty, contain essential nutrients and cook quickly because they are soft. It’s so easy to come by