Enjoying fresh seafood


Seafood remains a popular delicacy for all of us. From crabs to lobsters to shrimps, we all relish in the juicy taste they come with. But one thing is, cooking seafood has its own intricacies because unlike meat, it is very soft and can easily melt off in the pot. How do we cook seafood such that it just looks tastes and serves right?

The first things to consider if you want superb seafood meal is to think of the method you are going to use to cook the food. Each method has its own advantage and will yield a peculiar taste. If the fish is quite tough and less brittle, you can try baking. Baking will let your food come out fine without any water or oily film.

However food like octopus might require a longer and more aqueous medium so then you need to fry or boil. Many would like to boil before they fry but it changes the taste and makes it chewy. Streaming and grilling are other ways you can enjoy your seafood. Salmon, bass fish or tuna may be the best options her.