Christmas square choices


Food Recipes Today brings the Christmas squares to the dinner table again. During this time, we demonstrate how simple everyday ingredients can be a great way to spice up your holiday pastry. In 1 hr 5 min, you can make 12 big cookies to enjoy. Christmas square can be made from ordinary ingredients such as yellow cornmeal, cheddar and fresh jalapeno peppers. For example, the Florentine squares which comes encrusted with almonds top make it real chewy. Christmas Citrus Squares is more decorated with red toppings. They are much smaller so 1.5 cup flour yields 50 pieces. The reddening pigment rendered by the currant jelly gives the cookie a special appeal.

Candy cane bars are a pleasant form of Christmas squares. They are actually made from wafer cookies but derive their dark brown color from the coffee beans applied to the cookie. Lastly, the Czech Christmas squares with lots of traditional condiments like cinnamon, clove and nutmeg. This desert has fruity taste to it occasioned by the lemon juice.

Lets make it a tasty Christmas with Food Recipes Today suggestions.