Cookie recipes are everyone’s favorite. Whether on festive occasions, weekdays, weekends or outdoor events, cookies are one type of food you can’t forego. They are excellent finger foods and can fit into almost every small plate. It doesn’t take long to cook and different favors appeal to different people. Of all food types, cookie recipes are the ones that have been preserved most and are sold commercially. You can have almost every type of cookie from the store but the best cookies still remain homemade ones. Nothing beats the cookie recipe you make at home. If you make it yourself, you have the liberty to choose the ingredients you want, the proportions you want and the method of preparation.

Oatmeal cookies, cupcake cookies, chocolate chip cookies and Brownies seem to be the most popular. It’s likely the flavor appeals to many people. Peanut cookies are also becoming the favorite of many though not so strongly.

Cookie recipes are simple to bake but require the right mix and skill to make it taste as good as you wanted. Always cook to achieve crispness. The crisper it is, the more fresh it looks and tastes. Avoid too much heat as it burns it out and looks dark and tastes bitter. Stick to the right size and measure the right quantities of ingredients.