Food Recipes Today top brownie picks


Food Recipes Today top brownies picks for the week.


Brownies is actually cocoa based recipe which is vanilla extract flavored. It is the Creme de Menthe baking chips that gives it name brownies.. The delicacy is recommended for people who need some nice chocolate flavored cookie.

Brownie Bites

Brownie bites is a 20 minutes cookie that can be a good option for people who need to make some goodies for their kids or some guests. For some reason, perhaps to make the recipe home homely, it is made from traditional fudge brownie mix. It is highly flavored from chopped maraschino cherries; just wondering why it was cut instead of ground. perhaps the texture will be lost if ground into fine powder. The cherry and chocolate rest atop the cream, making it look like an ice cream.

Orange Brownie

This orange brownie makes one fruity cookie that has a very vibrant color and taste as well. one of the few brownies that features raw fruit. You will like it for its shapely squares and flat look. I actually appreciate the layering of the orange slice and the cookie on top. Minimal ingredients for top taste.

Yellow Brownies

Yellow themed brownies too makes it to our list. It is made from cream cheese. It has such a mellow texture and makes a handy gift for a friend or family member. The bright color renders it so conspicuous on the table and great way to get your kids eating.

Really, brownies are the way Food Recipes today goes for sheer simplicity. You have everything you need from your kitchen. They help me make the most of my left overs and I can easily substitute ingredients and still get my taste and texture right.