Beef recipes come in many forms, each with its own unique taste. Though there are hundreds of ways to cook your beef there are actually two main methods. There is the dry way such as grilling and roasting, then the wet way like the stew and soup. In the dry method, the beef retains most of its flavor and juices but the wet approach also allows you to add more inputs like vegetables and seasoning to improve or complement the taste. We use dry method when the part of meat is light and vice versa.

Perhaps of all beef recipes, beef tenderloin is the most popular because it cooks quickly, requires few condiments and can be mastered by almost anyone. Most importantly, its such a great outdoor food.

How do you like your beef recipes? Some people say it tastes best when its brown, others like it golden. But its important that its well cooked. Too much cooking will also make it too tender and flabby, taking away the taste. Many like their beef recipes dry. For such people grilling, roasting and steaming become the idea methods.