Milk recipes are mainly ice creams. Ice creams are actually part of our culture. Whether made at home or we buy outdoors, ice creams are a delicacy for both old and young.  Its easier to just buy a cold chocolate outside but for grater control over taste and flavor, its best made at home. making your own milk recipes is more than fun – its about delighting yourself with the unique ingredients you want.

Its very easy and simple to make ice creams at home. More straightforward that you ever thought. For example we all dream about the pineapple mint ice cream but  its just a few steps to do. You whisk the pineapple and the mint into a pulp, boil water and add the mixture. garnish and freeze.  The all time favorite vanilla ice cream  is  only whisking sugar, cream, vanila and later adding cream. or the peanut ice cream which is prepared by boiling milk, and pouring in whisked peanut.

Milk recipes are just as they sound. They are named after their flavor. So for example if its about mint, then its named mint ice cream which means in cooking, add the cream or other ingredient to the flavor.