Everyone mac and cheese recipes. Of course this food is as American as anything. Perhaps its due to the ease of preparation. Whether out of the box or prepared from the very beginning, its a delicacy that is loved by young and old. It is so easy to make that when it comes to mac and cheese recipes there is no bad cook.

There are many ways to make your mac and cheese. The ingredients have always been the same. A little of butter, milk, cheese, noodles and some flavor all your own.  This set of ingredients are so easy to find. There is hardly a kitchen that will not have these basic food inputs.

Mac and cheese is actually one of the most experimented food in America. I have seen mac and cheese with beef, some with tuna and others in chili. The limit is one’s imagination.

Shred your on cheese for your mac. The one that comes in the box may not melt well.