Everyone loves fish recipes. They are juicy, satisfying and rich in nutrients. But why do we like fish? Well everyone has their reason. They are easy to eat, have low cholesterol, are full of minerals or lower blood pressure. I like fish recipes because they cook quick, at least faster than meat. Each day, I become so inundated with varieties of fish meals that I don’t really know which one to choose. Salmon, barracuda, sardine, trout, bass. I tend to like sea fish more than freshwater fish. Sea fish has some kind of salty taste and appears quite fibrous.

Fish taste best when its seasoned especially with natural ingredients. You can capture the flavor and aroma better when they are filet than whole. When its cut out, it absorbs the condiments better.

For best taste in fish recipes, buy from the farmers market. There, the fish is fresh and healthier. Frozen fish also goes well but then it begins to get that paper texture. Always buy from the same seller so you can guarantee its freshness. To make your fish recipes look, buy fish that have crisp eyes, shiny scales, hard skin, of uniform color and smells neutral.