Whether grilled, boiled, fried or roasted, salmon recipes are a delicacy. They can be prepared in a traditional manner or quite contemporary. Salmon seems so popular that when you mention fish, the first thing that comes to mind is salmon. Atlantic and Pacific salmon seem to be the most popular of all the varieties. Its soft and cooks quick; two qualities that accounts for its wide acceptance. Its very easy to overcook fish recipes so you should always be mindful of the temperature of the stove and how long you cook it.

Salmon recipes with fruits and vegetables seem to be real common. Avocado, mango and cabbage are also enjoyed by most people. The Mediterraneans like it smoked with natural condiments. In the South, its largely barbecued or prepared with egg. In the North Chinook salmon appears to be favorite. They are largely boiled and served over soup or thick vegetables. There are instances of been mixed with avocado.