Shrimps recipes are very sweet. They have a sugary quality and a crispy texture. Whether deveined or left as they are, they make very colorful and delicious meals. Actually, shrimps are so special that there are restaurants devoted to then. Cook with vegetables and make a delightful dinner for everyone. Aside nutrition shrimp recipes are really popular because they cook quick and can be combined with so many ingredients without losing flavor or taste.

It looks like each region cooks their shrimp recipes differently. The orient will mix with walnuts, the South with chili, the North with onions/sauce, the Mediterranean with herbs, Africa with green pepper and the Mid West with tomatoes. I have seen a Louisiana shrimp recipe with fresh red pepper and sauce.

I recall a fabulous weekend with baked shrimp risotto. Its not quite common but its one quick and delicious way to enjoy your shrimp with pesto sauce. Ask if the shrimps were farmed or fished at sea. Sea fish tastes better and are more likely to have been free of pollutants or other contaminants.