Soup recipes will remain the favorite of everyone. They are easy to consume, palatable and can be of so many different mix. Some people like their soup light, others heavy. But it is always about what ingredients go into the soup. A simple vegetable soup may have just onions, tomatoes, some pepper and meat whereas some sumptuous version can go with more condiments and fish mix. It looks like taco soup tops the list most of the time. If you asked anyone their favorite soup recipe, you are certainly going to hear that as number one or in the first 5 favorites. Chicken and dumplings also make a good choice likewise lentil and tortilla. I cooked tomato basil for years before been introduced to beef barley.

Soup recipes are watery so you need to exercise the utmost care to make the taste stand out else the liquid takes over the fine ingredients you have worked so hard to put in. You can always beat the water effect with condiments, soakings and flavorings. Ones that readily come to mind are thyme, parsley and thickeners. Fish sauce and tomato paste that is not so salty also make good ingredients. Stock is quite common but be mindful of the water else your soup recipe is ruined.