All time favorite cookie recipes

Cookie recipes are loved by everyone. They make excellent desserts for all occasions. One other reason for their popularity is, they are so easy to bake and you do not have to wait for too long to see them roll out of the oven.

But like with every product, there are many versions of cookie recipes. Some people name according to the toping, others according to the occasion and many others according to the shape. Here, I want to classify cookies according to two criteria – method of baking and ingredients.

Methods of baking

Cookie recipes can be rolled and then turned into various shapes for either symbolic reason or just fun. This type is usually served at kids’ parties or fun fairs. It is one of the most popular traditional cookies because it resembles bread making. We can also make cookies into a bar. We achieve that shape by placing in a tin or other container of such a shape. For many beginners, the drop type is the easiest as you simply pinch dough and place in a baking bowl.

Other methods including cooling the kneaded dough for some time before baking. Then we have the pressed cookie recipes which are cut out into definite cultural symbols like the ginger bread man. Similar to the pressed type of cookie recipes is the molded version that has a kind of free styling to it.

Describing cookie by geographical or cultural ties

The Gingerbread cookie is a traditional cookie recipe found in many European and American cultures. It features a cut out resembling a running man. It is typically flavored with indigenous spices. Then comes the peanut butter cookies with its heavily scented oil taste.

Afghan cookies also make another exciting type with its unique long shape and almost tart texture. Almond, a popular flavoring element, becomes one great way to bake cookies too. Moving to Europe, the Ballokume cookie recipe is named from the city and is mainly vanilla flavored shirt bread. Biscotti is Italian and is consumed alongside some liquid. Butter cookies are also quite common in the USA and South American as they are made from traditional ingredients.

Sample cookie recipe

I have complied many favorite cookie recipes based on the description I talked about. Do you see your favorite amongst them?

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