Cabbage recipes make one of the best dashes on the table. It’s easy to cook, soft to chew and comes in many different flavors. Cabbage is prepared in many ways but corned beef cabbage recipe appears to be very popularity just simple to make and the tasty meat adds to the preference. Creamed cabbage and stuffed cabbage make another option. Cabbage is delicious but also nutritious, containing antioxidants and vitamins.

Before you cook cabbage recipes, remove all the outer leaves as they tend to be less greeny and dry. Rinse the vegetable with lots of water to clear it of dirt and any contaminants. Remember to remove the core and discard it. Chop up the cabbage in pieces or cook them in wedges. If the recipe requires that you boil the cabbage for long, then you may use the wedges. Wedges cannot cook well over a short time. They need to be on heat for long.

Like all vegetables, cabbage will taste best if you buy fresh. Look out for dry and discolored leaves as it means the cabbage has been on the shelf for long. The leaves should stay intact and not be ruffled. Lastly ensure that it is juicy – not dry.