Chili recipes have always been with us. They feature as the most popular ingredient in dishes but we can have chili recipes all their own and not as part of some other meal. Chili recipes are largely seen as Mexican but they are several Mediterranean and even Continental American recipes that heavily dwell on chili.

Chili goes well with many other vegetables including tomatoes, spinach and onions. It blends well with onions in gravy. Each region seems to have their own brand of chili recipes. From the Mediterranean, to South America o Asia or Africa, chili means so many different things to cooking experts and beginners.

White chili which is typically served with salad produce a delicacy for both young and old. It can be aside or a full dinner for many. Likewise the Spanish themed Quinoa Chili which is prepared with ground beef in many parts of Mexico and the South. We also have the Black Beans and Rice Chili which can have fish fillets as extras. But I think above all chili recipes, I seem to relish the vegetable based chili with seafood like salmon.