Salad recipes never seem to run out. Each day, there are more and more salad varieties that you would think there will never be an end. Salad features in every regional cuisine because they are so easy to make and goes with any dish at all you can think of. Vegetable salads and green salads seem to top the list of the most popular salads. Maybe because almost every home has vegetables – lots of those in the pantry and also due to the fact that greens cook quick.

Salad recipes like any other meal assume any flavors. Quinoa Vegetable Salad has a special Spanish appeal to it. With the diced onions, mint, tomatoes and bell pepper, it has the quality of a chili meal and at the same a veggie. It can be taken as a full course meal. Then there is also Taco Salad with the ground beef, lettuce and tomatoes.

But there are full meal salad recipes too like the Bistro Dinner Salad which is quick  cooking but heavy enough to make a dish. The greens, dried tarragon and eggs give it a special taste, all its own.