Tomato recipes perhaps make the easiest of all cooking. Fast, simple and least expensive. But despite their ease of preparation, tomato recipes are just so tasty and fit into every meal regime you may have. Tomato is juicy and lends itself to different condiments.

We can make tomatoes recipes with almost any other ingredient. Pepper, shallots, onions, lettuce, chili, eggs, infect almost any other food can go with tomatoes. In many situations, gravies and sauces have become very handy when we needed a quick way to prepare food that was tasty, filling and quick to do.

Tomato goes wall with fish and meat. They add more texture and bulk. They help the water absorb the unique taste of other ingredients for better taste.

Like with all cooking, tomato recipes will taste best if you buy the ingredients right. Try to buy from the Farmers market. Inspect to see the juice is not leaking and that the skin is not wrinkled. Compare the weight with the size – they should match.