Food recipes come alive with seasoning and condiments


Our food recipes guide provide easy ways to make your meals. Delicious and simple dishes for everyone. We like to mention only meals that are simple to do but make a delicious dish. For example , The Chili in a Biscuit recipe is an old favorite that cooks in minutes but the taste lingers on for a day.  It earns its popularity from the short duration of 1 hr 20 min and the high yield of 6 servings. Mainly, the recipe is spicy with pepper and chili and also takes on a Mexican style flavor with the stewed tomatoes.

Bean and Chili beef is a heavily spiced meal (bell pepper) with cumin, oregano and chipolatas all combining to make it a real natural and traditional meal.

Mashed potatoes also makes a popular food recipe. Its a hot dish made from russet potatoes and chili. It is a 35 min meal, 6-serving delicacy thats ideal for your guests or as camping food whilst with your kids on vacation.

We close with something from the sea.  Lobsters are so bright and fun. they can make your food recipes come alive by combining with chopped garlic, ginger and pepper flakes.